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Why is it necessary to hire a workman’s compensation lawyer?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Firm News

As a Georgia worker, it is very likely you understand the risks you face. You probably also understand the idea of workman’s compensation: if you suffer an injury or permanently disabling incident on the job, an insurer hired by your employer is to pay you benefits until you are able to return to work.

What you may wonder, since the process seems to cut-and-dried, is why so many Georgians in the Atlanta area and western part of the state find it necessary to hire a workman’s comp attorney.

Why does the insurance company dispute your compensation claim?

In many cases, the injury you suffer on the job site results in an indisputably valid claim. Another way to say it is the insurance company can find no potential reason to justify not paying you the required benefits. If, on the other hand, the insurer believes it can lessen the payment amount or avoid paying at all, it may dispute your claim.

What are the sources of the most common compensation suits?

These are some of the reasons compensation lawsuits get filed:

  • The insurance company does not believe you are permanently disabled
  • The insurance company does not agree with the prescribed treatment, such as surgery or an expensive medication
  • The insurance company cites your preexisting condition, such as a prior injury or ailment, which they say is the true source of your disorder
  • The insurance company outright denies your claim

Georgia law provides the right for injured workers to dispute the decisions of workman’s compensation insurers expeditiously. This is an important remedy to avoid delayed treatment and get you back to work.