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Strategies auto insurers use to make lowball offers

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2021 | Personal Injury

A serious Georgia car crash may leave you with injuries, automotive expenses or both, and you may look to your auto insurance company to give you enough to cover these expenses. However, your insurance company makes money by paying out as little as possible to those it insures, so expect your insurer to try to offer as little as possible to settle your claim and make you go away.

Accepting your insurance company’s initial offer is what it wants you to do, but doing so may not be in your personal interests. To try to get you to take its first offer, your insurer may employ one or more of the following common tactics.

Suggest or imply you contributed to the crash

If you were somehow at fault for the wreck, your insurance company may not have to pay you as much. So, expect your insurer to suggest or imply that something you did was a key factor in the crash. Your insurance company may believe that questioning your right to the claim may make you feel lucky to have received an offer at all – making you more likely to accept it without question.

Question your injuries

Your automotive insurance company may also question whether your injuries were as serious as you claim and whether the medical care you received because of them was reasonable. Your insurer may even try to argue that you had preexisting injuries and that your pain is not the result of the crash.

Avoid blindly accepting your insurance company’s initial offer without reviewing it closely first. Once you accept it, you have little, if any, recourse.