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Your workers’ rights after a permanent disability

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2018 | Firm News

Many people who get injured in the workplace manage to make full recoveries after a few days or weeks. While the injuries might still lead to medical bills and lost wages during their recovery periods, the long-term financial costs of minor injuries will likely not be significant to employees. Workers’ compensation benefits will help them cover most of these expenses.

However, if you are a worker who is suffering from a permanent disability due to the injury that you sustained in your working environment, the consequences will be life-changing. As well as a decreased quality of life due to your disability, it is likely that you will no longer be able to work in the position you previously held in the workplace, especially if it required you to be physically active. It is important for any worker who has become disabled due to a workplace injury to understand their right to take action.

What are my rights as a permanently-disabled worker who was injured at work?

After the initial injury, workers’ compensation will help to cover the short-term costs of the consequences of your workplace injury. There are separate benefits available to those who suffer permanent impairments as a result of workplace accidents. This is because workers’ compensation is primarily for supporting injured workers while they recover from an illness or injury so that they can return to work.

To claim these benefits, your doctor must confirm that you have a permanent impairment and also an impairment rating. This rating is a measurable indication of how the impairment affects your life and your ability to carry out meaningful work.

Based on an evaluation of your condition, as a successful applicant, you could be the recipient of a lump-sum payment that can help you financially while you find a more suitable form of work. Alternatively, you may be able to receive benefits on a weekly basis. The amount of these benefits will be determined by the extent of your disability and the part(s) of the body affected.

If you have been injured at work in Georgia and suffered an impairment as a result, you should take action to claim the benefits you deserve.