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Women in the workplace: 4 common workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2018 | Blog, Firm News

Women have long been invested in the businesses in America, but they face specific dangers in their workplaces that people may overlook. Although women are capable of as much as men, there are some activities and hazards particularly dangerous to them.

Take, for example, working in construction. Men, by nature, are stronger than most women. A woman doing the same work could be more easily fatigued and prone to injury. Lifting heavy objects could result in back injuries and strain, just like with male colleagues, but at lower weights. Here are some other work injuries women may face.

1. Roadway accidents

Twenty-three percent of male workers and 19 percent of female workers face on-the-job hazards related to roadway accidents. Receiving regular training for driving and weather safety on the roads can help prevent these potentially fatal crashes.

2. Slip, trip and fall accidents

Slip, trip and fall accidents are more common among female workers because they take place where female workers tend to be employed. For example, a rug pulling up in an office poses a threat to women who may be working there. By training employees to look out for indoor hazards, employers can help prevent these injuries.

3. Homicides

While this isn’t necessarily a work-related incident, it is something women are exposed to more in workplaces. Female employees killed in homicides made up 19 percent of workplace deaths in 2014. These homicides are, usually, preventable. Organizations need to take steps to take violent individuals out of the workplace and to keep their facilities secure and safe for all workers.

4. Hit by objects

Depending on the job, getting hit by objects isn’t unusual in a normal day’s work. However, for women, it’s more common. From falling objects at a construction job to the potential to be hit by flying objects while working in a factory, there’s a real risk of injury for women. Women need to be adequately trained and able to do the jobs given to them on the floor. Equipment may need to be adjusted for shorter workers, for instance, and certain jobs may be suited to different workers.

Women face many hazards in the workplace, but with good training and precautionary safety techniques, they can stay safe. Wearing personal protective equipment, getting training and being aware of your surroundings helps you stay safer no matter where you work or what gender you are.