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Common workplace injuries for women

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Regulations aim to provide equal opportunities for everyone. While the intent of work safety guidelines is fairness and safety for everyone, men and women have different bodies that respond to circumstances differently. Studies show that men and women are both injured on the job—men more often than women—but in different ways and at different rates.

The workplace is often designed with a single gender in mind and does not make necessary accommodations for the different physical attributes of men and women. Women tend to be shorter, have different body types and different core strength. Building layouts, shelf heights and other seemingly minor details can impact worker safety. In addition to physical differences, the response and toll of stress is likely to be different, based on personal and social expectations for each gender.

Some key differences

While women are injured less often than men, 2014 statistics from the Department of Labor show some startling facts. Women experienced higher fatality rates than men in the following types of incidents:

  • Homicides
  • Traffic accidents
  • Falls, slips and trips
  • Struck by objects or equipment

Some common incidents

The Women in Technology International association writes about the topic in-depth, going over ten of the leading safety issues women face in the workplace today.

  • Carpal tunnel
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Injuries caused by workplace equipment
  • Injuries related to slips and falls
  • Exposure to toxic materials
  • Driving-related injuries
  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace violence
  • Homicides
  • Stress

Social trends transfer to the workplace

Notable in both of the lists above is that women are victim to incidents that involve other people, whether that means harassment, stress or homicide. Just as in the larger culture, violence against women prevails in work environments as well, from either co-workers or customers.

Workers’ compensation is an option

Just as government regulations dictate worker safety, workers’ compensation applies to any injury on the job. If you’re uncertain if you have a legitimate issue or need help filing or appealing a workers’ compensation claim, a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney can assist with the process. When you’re injured on the job, you deserve fair compensation for your lost income to help you through the recovery process.